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Our courses are created and structured in such a way as to ensure that all of our students get the highest qualifications possible to become a top-notch Pilates Instructor with confident and unique teaching styles.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I am currently doing a Mat Pilates Instructors course and I am loving it! Andriesa (our lecturer) is incredible! She is very knowledgeable and our lectures are so interesting! Not only does she carry herself with such poise but she is very open to any form of questions! In addition Raquel who has been helping us on the admin side, is extremely efficient and has a lovely online manor! I would highly recommend this studio to anyone!
Natasha van Blerk
I started Pilates after suffering an injury and being inactive for about a year. I had a new found love for pilates after my injury finally came right after doing private sessions at Pilates Dynamics. The studio is pristine and has everything you will ever need. After months of continuing my training I decided that I want to do the teaching training course and hopefully help others the way the studio has helped me. The course itself is very detailed and informative. I have seen other courses at other institutions that run over a few days and I can't understand how those would provide all the information and experience needed to equip you for a successful career as Pilates Dynamics does. Attending this studio is the best decision I have ever made
Lindsay Cockroft
The fact that Pilates Dynamics offer internationally accredited certified pilates courses was my main reason why I’ve decided to do my training through them. I’m glad that I’ve came across the studio as one simply never stops learning and the standards of the courses are really high. It’s not about just doing exercises, it’s about the human body! The ten principles of pilates (awareness, balance, breath, control, precision, etc) really shows thanks to the in depth training. Pilates Dynamics is a fully equipped studio with very well trained instructors. After I have completed my pilates mat course, the opportunity was given to me to work at the studio while studying towards my pilates equipment certificate. Being part of a team of instructors who are well trained with an in depth type of teaching made me realize again how high the standards are at Pilates Dynamics. Not only do you learn from the study material and workshops but also from the rest of the team members / instructors because they’ve set the bar high and don’t you dare drop it! It’s an absolute honor to work with each and every client as an individual whose bodies and needs differ from one another which keeps the challenge and learning process going. They definitely make it worthwhile. A big shout out to Pilates Dynamics!
Marine Calitz
I am currently completing the teaching training course with Pilates Dynamics, and have been impressed with the way in which the program has swiftly been taken online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have been kept informed and given more time to complete training hours. The course is rigorous and informative. Andriesa's knowledge of anatomy, Pilates principles, and teaching is incredibly comforting.
Kirsty Treu